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Workshop: YInMn Blue – Pareidolia: Dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity as a source of idea generation (Vision and Creativity)
Pareidolia is the fascinating phenomenon of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in ambiguous images, like recognizing a dragon or a space rocket in a cloud. This phenomenon emerges from our tendency to seek patterns in the face of uncertainty.
This workshop will interactively relate the science behind pareidolia with practical, creative applications. We will explore different ways of experiencing pareidolic perception while learning about fundamental gestalt mechanisms enabling its emergence. Participants will be invited to develop creative ideas by constructing their pareidolia, with a specific focus on storytelling.
Furthermore, a dialogue between human and machine creativity will be initiated through the use of tools derived from artificial intelligence exploring the intrinsic relation between pareidolia and creativity, the benefits of paying attention to your environment as a creativity trigger, and the emerging role that artificial intelligence could play on those relations.

This Workshop by Ph.D.(c) Antoine Bellemare Peppin.

Jul 24, 2021 02:00 PM in Montreal

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