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Vanta Black
Workshop: Vanta Black - A World without Color (Disorders in the Perception of Color)
How does a portrait capture the essence of the self? When does your own face become that of a stranger? In this workshop, participants will explore how shadow, line, contrast and motion alter our understanding of the human face. Participants will experiment with pencil and charcoal on paper, smartphone photography, simple digital image editing techniques, and web-based artificial intelligence (AI) to create a series of iterative self-portraits. The portraits will examine how we typically perceive light and darkness but also investigate non-normative ways of seeing faces, such as prosopagnosia (face-blindness) and akinetopsia (motion-blindness). The workshop will include short presentations by the workshop leader, group discussion, individual art-making, and collaborative work.

Workshop facilitated by M.Art.Ed. Ph.D.Art.Ed. candidate Ms. Bettina Forget.

May 2, 2021 02:00 PM in Montreal

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